Special Offers Hotel Cusco

Minimum stay:

Minimum Stay deals require that the booking is for at least 2 or 3 nights 25% off.

Early booker:

Early booker deals are for people booking very early. You can tell us how long in advance they must book - days, weeks, or months 10% off!

Last minute:

Last minute deals are only available to people booking very late. Restrict it to the last few days or hours before arrival 30% off!

24h promotion:

24 hour promotions are limited time offers that can only be booked on one particular day 50% off.

Above price includes:

  • - Buffet breakfast
  • - Free storage for your luggage
  • - Safety box in the room
  • - Hot water 24 hrs
  • - Heating in all rooms
  • - Airport transfers
  • - Various kinds of teas including coca tea
  • - Free internet
  • - Free oxygen
  • - personalized service 24 hours
  • - tours information when you require
  • - We specialize in altitude sickness and help our guests to acclimatize to the altitude as quick as possible and have medical specialists in severe cases.