Location | Loreto Boutique Hotel Cusco

Loreto Boutique Hotel has a great location just ten meters from the main square of Cusco. Loreto Street or Kijllu Inti (Sun Alley), where the front door is surrounded by two large Inca walls illuminated with a golden light.

In the Plaza de Armas, visitors will find two beautiful churches from the colonial time, the majestic cathedral and the charming Church of the Company, which together with the gates, gardens and balconies are make a perfect portrait of the main city square.

At each portal you will find a variety of shops: ATMs for all banks, souvenir shops, travel agencies, cafes, restaurants, museums and nightclubs. All f the service of our guests.

Because of its excellent location in Cusco, Loreto Boutique Hotel cusco guarantees peace and comfort needed in every room. Ensures the silence and calm needed for your rest.