History Hotel Cusco

Loreto Boutique Hotel is located in what was the House of the Virgins of the Sun or Ajlla Wasi built during the reign of Inca Pachacuteq (1438-1471). With over 600 years of history permeating its walls Incas, the Ajlla Wasi was a kind of exclusive center for the chosen virgins to worship service Wiraqocha, the Sun and the Inca. In every town there was one house of this kind; our Boutique Hotel Cusco is located adjacent to palaces or temples.

According to Antonio Núñez Jiménez "marginal walls are of the finest examples of architectural art of the ancient Peruvians ..., made of square stones, polished gray granite, slightly padded."For its slant construction the Inca walls have a greater endurance and strength in an earthquake, "one of the great earthquake-resistant conceptions of the Incas."

The acllas or Virgins of the Sun that lived in this building "were selected throughout the empire for his lineage or beauty. The mamaconas or old women guarded these virgins."

"The Ajlla Wasi, was an institution that met the Ladies Mother Mamaconas or acting as teachers and a growing number of girls who entered a closed system between ten and twelve years. They were collected as a tribute among the most noble and beautiful ... "Luis E.Valcarcel - Bernabé Cobo.

"The Ajlla Wasi were not pretty women deposits, were cultural and art centers, the best in culinary art, weaving, singing, music, dance, etc."

Against this impressive building was the Amaru Kancha "fenced field of the big snake." A huge block of buildings built during the reign of Huayna Ccapac, and now is the Church of the Company near to cusco hotels,belonging to the Jesuit order.